We will

  • Ask you for information on your:
    • company
    • existing approach to cyber security
  • Undertake a detailed review of the information provided
  • Provide advice on where and how you can improve you
    cyber posture against the IMO SMS guidelines

You will

  • Complete the questionnaire and provide requested information
  • Agree to interviews (Head Office and Ships)
  • Identify internet-facing assets and provide list of relevant IP addresses
  • Discuss the findings and provide requested additional information ahead of final report


  • We will review your documents against the five main headings of the IMO questions
  • Astaara will interview key personnel
  • Measurement against our proprietary C – GAP analysis framework
  • Identify key gaps and areas for immediate remediation & improvement


Astaara will provide you with a summary report, including:

  • Evaluation
  • Status
  • Gap analysis
  • Remediation
  • Next Steps